Terrence Mahon to Complete Work as Director of B.A.A. High Performance Program

California native to return to west coast at the conclusion of 2017

BOSTON, Mass. - The Boston Athletic Association today announced that head coach of its high performance team, Terrence Mahon, will depart the organization at the conclusion of 2017, to return to his home state of California. Since 2013, Mahon has led the high performance group of the B.A.A., with its athletes and teams winning races and accumulating podium finishes around the world. B.A.A. Athletic Performance Director Michael Pieroni and the continued support from adidas remain in place as the high performance team members train and compete. 

“Since hiring Terrence in 2013, we have been very pleased with the institution of the B.A.A. High Performance Team and with the progression of our athletes,” said B.A.A. CEO Tom Grilk. “The commitment and good work he has devoted to the team have produced terrific results, and he leaves us in a great position moving forward. We wish Terrence the absolute best as he relocates to California, and we thank him sincerely for his terrific work.”

Mahon and his wife, three-time Olympian Jen Rhines, have lived and trained in Boston since 2013. Mahon recruited and coached each of the athletes that have joined the team since that time. Originally from California, Mahon was a coach with Mammoth Track Club and UK Athletics before joining the B.A.A.

“Over the past four years the team has built a solid foundation that will stand for years to come,” said Mahon. “In seeing how the entire B.A.A. worked to create and support this program, I know that the future here is bright. For the B.A.A., supporting these athletes has been as much of a team effort as putting on the Boston Marathon. The B.A.A. aspires to give young athletes opportunities to become great ones, and we have.”

The B.A.A. wishes to extend its appreciation of Terrence’s work in helping establish the B.A.A. as one of the country’s leading post-collegiate running programs. The B.A.A. will begin a search for a new high performance coach immediately. For more information on the B.A.A.'s High Performance team, please visit www.teambaa.org.